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December 16, 2016

The Women’s March on Washington Secures Starting Location For January Protest

Washington DC

The Women’s March on Washington has secured their starting location, and is scheduled for the day after the Jan. 20 inauguration.   Organziers are still working on the route, but they have revealed the group will start its rally at Independence Avenue and Third Street SW, in front of the Capitol.

Washington DC

“Ultimately we want to have the attention focused on Congress and lifting up our concerns to them,” said Janaye Ingram, the head of logistics for the Women’s March on Washington, adding that organizers are also committed to sending their message of women’s equality to all levels and branches of government. She said that she thinks the group has identified a “valid, workable route.”

Ingram said the group has been working over the past few weeks with D.C. police, Capitol Police and other agencies to secure this location. A D.C. police spokeswoman, Rachel Reid, said the agency met Friday with the march organizers and that they have applied for a permit through the city.

The Women’s March, and about 20 groups have applied for “First Amendment Permits” on National Park Service land around inauguration, though none have been granted yet.

The National Park Service, which handles such First Amendment Permits, said it does not grant any requests until the Presidential Inauguration Committee, which plans the parade and other events to usher in a new president, maps out where it wants to hold inauguration-related activities.

The Women’s March on Washington still has a pending application for a permit for various Park Service locations. Ingram said the group has not rescinded its application but is no longer interested in rallying in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

“We believe that for feminism to be truly powerful it must be inclusive and all voices need to be at that table,” Becca Lee Funk, one of the Outrage’s founders, said in an interview. “This is an important moment in history to show the world what we stand for, and through the Outrage we are allowing people to do exactly that. We’ve found that people are more interested now than ever to have their purchases reflect their values.”

“Every day we get emails from women not only supporting our mission, but also asking how they can get involved and take action,” Funk said. “We literally have people volunteering to come and help us get shipments out. The election results have sparked action across the board — our partner organization She Should Run has seen a dramatic rise in interest from women interested in running for political office. We couldn’t be more excited about it.”